Toriko is written by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro it was published in May 19, 2008 at Weekly Shonen Jump, it is considered one of the best  at Shonen Jump by the readers with Naruto, Bleach, Hunter x hunter, One piece and many more he get a good criticals views at Shonen jump.
The main character is a gourmet hunter name Toriko his goal is to search rarest and the best ingredient in the world to complete his full course meal who is accompanied by a chef named Komatsu.
Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro have collaborated with Eiichiro Oda the author of One piece, they collaborate on a cross over titled One piece x Toriko: The true food! Devil fruit in Weekly Shonen Jump.
A spin-off has been released since 2011 published in Saikyo Jump written by Toshinori Takayama.

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